Articles about the Crusades

Articles about the Crusades

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This list of articles deals with overall topics about the Crusades and Crusading:

In the Syrian Taste: Crusader churches in the Latin East as architectural expressions of orthodoxy, by Susan Balderstone

Community, Identity and the Redemption of Captives: Comparative perspectives across the Mediterranean, by James William Brodman

Holy War and the Medieval Lawyers, by James A. Brundage

The Crusader Church of the Holy Sepulchre, by Tiffany L. Burke

‘Clash of Civilizations’, Crusades, Knights and Ottomans: an Analysis of Christian-Muslim Interaction in the Mediterranean, by Emanuel Buttigieg

Crusade Image in Eighteenth-century British Histories, by Zeynep K. Çecen

St. Thomas Aquinas on Satisfaction, Indulgences, and Crusades, by Romanus Cessario

The Historiography of the Crusades, by Giles Constable

The Genesis of the Crusades: The Springs of Western Ideas of Holy War, by H.E.J. Cowdrey

Four Myths about the Crusades, by Paul Crawford

Early Crusade Songs, by Richard L. Crocker

Peacemaking Principles Drawn from Opposition to the Crusades, 1095-1276, by John Derksen

Means, Motive, Opportunity: Medieval Women and the Recourse to Arms, by Valerie Eads

British historiography on the Crusades and Military Orders: from Barker and Smail to contemporary historians, by Peter W. Edbury

Pacifism and Crusade in Ramon Llull, by Gabriel Ensenyat

Crusades and Jihads: A Long-Run Economic Perspective, by Alan Heston

From “Saracen scourge” to “terrible Turk”: medieval, renaissance, and enlightenment images of the “Other” in the narrative construction of “Europe”, by Paul T. Levine

Crusaders and Historians, by Thomas F. Madden

Love of God or Hatred of Your Enemy? The Emotional Voices of the Crusades, by Sophia Menache

Rereading the Crusades: An Introduction, by James M. Powell

Romantic Geography and the Crusades: British Library Royal ms. 19 D I, by Maureen Quigley

Funduq, Fondaco, and Khan in the Wake of Christian Commerce and Crusade, by Constable Olivia Remie

Law, Legislation, and Lending: An Examination of the Influence of the Crusades on the Usury Prohibition, by Matthew James Ryan

Holy Warriors: The Romanesque Rider and the Fight Against Islam, by Linda V. Seidel

Pilgrims and Crusaders in Western Latin Sources, by Jonathan Riley-Smith

Embargo: the Origins of an Idea and the Implications of a Policy in Europe and the Mediterranean, ca. 1100 – ca. 1500, by Stefan K. Stantchev

The Crusaders through Armenian Eyes, by Robert W. Thomson

Vengeance and the Crusades, 1095-1216, by Susanna A. Throop

Who Went on the Crusades to the Holy Land?, by Christopher Tyerman

Portrayals of women in violent situations in texts of the High Middle Ages, by Nina K. Verbanaz

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