Archaeology of the countryside in medieval Anatolia

Archaeology of the countryside in medieval Anatolia

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Archaeology of the countryside in medieval Anatolia

By Edited by T. Roodenberg
Publications de l’Institut historique-archeologique neerlandais de Stamboul, Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten/Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO), 2009
ISBN: 978-90-6258-324-9

This book is a publication of the acts of a symposium held at the NINO in 2008 on the archaeology of the countryside in medieval Anatolia. The articles examine different aspects of the medieval Anatolian countryside, which prior to this symposium, had not been a separate focus of research. The articles largely concentrate on the results of recent excavations or archaeological and architectural surveys and include more general overviews of sites, as well as specialized studies focusing on different aspects, such as pottery, mortuary practices and paleoecology. All of the different studies demonstrate the complexity and diversity of the medieval Anatolian countryside.

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