Why Medieval? Go Medieval!

Why Medieval? Go Medieval!

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We here at Our Site are interested in knowing and sharing the stories of how the people who love medieval history – scholars, writers, gamers, fans – first got interested in the Middle Ages. We think there are lot of wonderful stories of how you got hooked on medieval history, medieval literature or the medieval life. Maybe it was something you learned in school or visiting a castle for the first time!

Here is our video explaining what we are doing:

We can’t do this without telling our stories. Here is how we fell in love with the Middle Ages:

We will be posting your stories here:

Richard Scott Nokes

Annamaria Kovacs – “I think it all started in grade school back in Hungary when my history teacher first threw his key at the boys who wouldn’t stop talking during his class….” Read more

Kathryn Nitz Westburg – “Rolf stayed up all night preparing for the ceremony whereby he would become a Knight. It was a great honor that Tom would never experience…” Read more

Kelly Broderick – “Well, I always thought castles and cathedrals were “cool” but what won me over were the Anglo-Saxons.” Read more

Vellum – one-half from the Vaulting and Vellum blog offers his story. Read more

Patricia Bracewell – “My transformation into a medievalist was like falling in love with an old friend…” Read more

Robin Wardle – “I have to say my first real memory of something that was obviously medieval was when I was 8 and accidentally saw Monty Python’s Holy Grail movie!…” Read more

Niall O Brien – “Why medieval? I think it was medieval that picked me.” Read more

Scott Jenkins – “My interest in medieval history first began during a random bout of insomnia…” Read more

Tami Cook – “What little girl didn’t want to be a princess?…” Read more

Tim Lambon – “Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved pictures and paintings that told a story…” Read more

Anne Beggs – “I’m a fiction writer, I hear voices…” Read more

We want to hear your stories and videos – you can email them to [email protected], or post them to our Facebook page.

Watch the video: Going Medieval features and gameplay mechanics explored Indie medieval colony simulation builder (July 2022).


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